Anti-Depression Group for Adults

A creative group for those who are ready to leave the darkness behind and have the courage to venture out for a happier more balanced lifestyle.

Have you been?...

  • Having emotional floods of overwhelm, sadness, guilt or shame?

  • Having conflicts and difficulties in your relationships with loved ones?

  • Feeling unmotivated and helpless in your life?

  • Feeling like a prisoner in your own darkness of solitary confinement?

  • Eating & Sleeping too much or too little?

Then this group is for you!

This group will take you from

feeling miserable and unmotivated to:

  • Getting off the emotional roller coaster

  • Reducing stress and Laughing more

  • Spending more joyous times with friends, family, and your significant other

  • Feeling energized to go to work or out in public

  • Having more control over your decisions in life, how you feel, and what you think

  • Living with more confidence in yourself and how you handle your relationships

  • Having the skills needed to feel less worried and bothered by the details long term

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