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Various art therapy group sessions will be designed based on the need of the community. That means I need your feedback! If you or someone you know is interested in joining a group to address a specific concern, let me know! Click the button below and submit a quick online survey to give me the information I need (Please note that the surveys are not mobile device friendly and should be accessed on a larger screen). I intend on developing several different types of groups. After enough interest in joining a group is generated, then I can constuct an art therapy group that addresses the specific needs of the group utilizing various art therapy directives and art materials.

There are 2 different kinds of therapy groups- OPEN or CLOSED. An open group would be a regularly scheduled time to address a certain topic, concern, or diagnosis; and regularly attending members and new members can attend. An open group is usually ongoing and does not have an end date. A closed group has a set number of members (usually no more than 10) and no new members are added. A closed group also has a specific topic, and usually runs for a predetermined number of weeks with an ending date.

Fee per person, group type and topic will vary and be determined based on feedback from you and the community. Once feedback is obtained and a minimum number of participants have been identified, then the group will be open to public registration via phone or email. Keep checking this website for updates! If you would like to be added to the Group Art Therapy wait list please call 969-2208 or email Brenda at and submit your contact information.

Group Art Therapy
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